About Lucy

Light saber

Welcome to Haus Of Lucy.

Haus Of Lucy is a contemporary multi-media artist.

With her series of ceramic figurines, Lucy takes old, chintzy porcelain ornaments and turns them into something completely new. A small boy sitting on a countryside fence becomes urban in an Adidas hoodie whilst a Regency lady takes her dog for a walk in a litter-strewn park complete with dog poo bags. Lucy uses a mixture of polymer clay with ceramic paint to create her works. Each figurine has its own story.

Lucy applies the same principle to her print series, appropriating the classic, antiquated landscape painting and onto these, adding anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected end result: is that an easyJet plane, gliding through a fifteenth century sunset? And what’s that Shell Oil truck doing in the middle of a nineteenth century pastoral scene?

Lucy has worked with Adidas, Footlocker and Lazy Oaf and most recently was commissioned by Greggs and Primark to create a range of figurines to help promote their collaboration. She is still waiting for her lifetime supply of vegan sausage rolls.

Lucy thrives on creating a contrast between old and new, urban and classic.

Welcome to the world of Lucy.